Be honest. You know you don't want to spend more than what your appliance is worth on a repair because that wouldn't make sense. We at Repair 99 want you to make the most sensible decision possible, so we hope you will take advantage of the free advice on this page. Just mouse over whichever appliance isn't working for you, and you will see our expert opinion!

  • These appliances should last for twenty years, so they are usually worth fixing.
  • Dryers, stand-alone ice machines, cooktops, ventilation, trash compactors, wall ovens, and wine coolers can all be included in this category as well.
  • If your microwave oven or dishwasher is more than five years old, and it breaks, chances are that it's time to buy a new one. As a rule of thumb, if the repair costs you more than one third of the price of a new delivered appliance, you are usually better off getting the new appliance.
  • There are some exceptions to the rule of thumb. If the appliance cost you more than $700 or if you have custom cabinetry panels or other installation issues, give us a call instead.
  • The typical lifespan of a computer is eight to ten years, and microwaves are like big computers. Often, the manufacturers will only make computer parts for a certain appliance for eight to ten years.
  • A typical microwave repair costs $200 to $300. A good over-the-range microwave costs about $200 to $400, new.

Refrigerators and Ranges

Washing Machines

  • There are two types of washing machines: traditional top loaders and high-efficiency front loaders.
  • Older Whirlpool, Maytag, and GE washing machines, which have durable designs and minimal computer components, can last for thirty years.
  • High-efficiency front loading washing machines, on the other hand, last about eight to ten years. While the initial cost is higher, the savings in water probably pay for the whole machine within five or six years.
  • In the past few years, new machines have come into the market: high-efficiency top loading machines replacing the traditional top-loaders. These new machines are load sensing, which means they do not allow you to set the water level. They are similar in function to front loading machines, but without the rubber gasket.
  • People are often frustrated that machines don't last as long as they used to. But keep in mind that forty years ago, the average cost of a Maytag top loading washing machine was $300, which in today's money is about $1575.


Microwave Ovens and Dishwashers