With Repair 99, there's no need to cry. You can rest assured we'll get the job well done, quickly and cost-efficiently. If all you need is a little advice, we understand that too. Here are some helpful tips to eliminate common issues. They just may save you from taking the day off and get your appliances running smoothly again.


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Can I fix it myself?
If you are handy, most repairs are doable by the average home owner! However, if you choose to fix your own appliance, keep these helpful tips in mind before you begin.

ALWAYS unplug the appliance and turn off water supply sources first.
Wear gloves - the sheet metal in appliances is very sharp.
Make sure you have the correct diagnosis - appliance parts that have been installed cannot be returned.
Be aware of your abilities - most appliance repair companies are reluctant to attempt a repair where the homeowner has already disassembled the appliance.

On purchasing new appliances...
If you've visited the Is it Worth Fixing? page and have decided it's not, it's time for you to buy a new appliance. Appliance Connection in Woodbridge, VA is the largest appliance distributor on the East Coast. Unlike others who sell televisions and computers alongside appliances, they specialize in what you need. The people behind Appliance Connection are highly qualified, fully trained, non-commissioned career salespeople who have been in the business for decades, and their prices rival those of department stores.

Many buyers scour the web, hoping to save twenty dollars on an appliance from a department store. However, what they don't realize is that most deptartment stores don't install appliances; they hire contractors. When it comes to installation, you never know what you're going to get.

We at Repair 99 have seen a great deal of problems that began with improper installation. That's why we recommend Appliance Connection. Appliance Connection has their own fleet of trucks and professional installers. This is the only place we recommend to people who are looking to purchase new appliances. To reach them, call (703)492-SAVE or follow this link to the website.

If your appliance has a computer panel that is unresponsive or not functioning properly...
    Reset It: Try resetting it using the breaker box, or unplug it for five minutes.

If water is accumulating in the bottom of your refrigerator or freezer and leaking onto the floor...
    Defrost It: You probably have a frozen defrost drain tube. Turn off the refrigerator for two days and leave the freezer door open. If that doesn't work, give us a call so we can blow out the drain tube.

If your dryer is taking too long...
    Inspect It: Check the vent outside. As long as your heating element is working, the problem is probably not in your dryer. Take a flashlight and look into it as far as you can see, looking for critters who may have made a home. Replace your flexible dryer vent tube. If your airflow still seems low, you'll need to have your vent cleaned.