Keeping costs down is important to us. We have little overhead and, as a result, pass those savings on to you. We offer you competitive rates in addition to professionalism and efficiency - typically saving you 20% to 40% compared to major repair companies.


To Call or Not To Call?

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Many times, a free phone call or some advice can alleviate the need for a service call, saving your time and your money.  Whether you prefer to handle business via email, call, or text, Repair99 can make arrangements with you and follow up with detailed information on estimates and repairs. Just send an email to                                                 

Quality Service


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If you're appliances aren't running as they should, Repair99 is just a call away. However, we know the secrets of appliance repair, and we know that some problems are a simple fix anyone can manage. Visit the Before You Call page for useful tips that will save both your money and time!

Professional, affordable appliance repair.

Fair Prices

With a professional technician who is licensed and insured, EPA certified, and factory trained, our number one priority is fixing your appliances.